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Mr H. (Carbon wrap seatpost, Alloy frame)

posted Jul 23, 2015, 9:09 AM by John and Yvonne

Wow - what a service!

Local bike place said it was a specialist job - perhaps one place that does it. So, after a little internet research I found "The Seatpostman". We had a specialized allez with carbon coated aluminium post well stuck in. No amount of heat/freeze or chemical things worked and I didn't want to risk damage to the frame. I have heard of people wrecking their expensive carbon frames in attempts to DIY.

We happened to fit in the delivery / collection with pre-planned travel and had the pleasure of meeting John who is a great guy, knowledgeable and capable. Trust him and don't try to fix it yourself as the £60 plus any carriage is well worth it.

I would shop around for couriers as you can pay a fortune. Should be able to get it for <£30 each way. Minimum  about £10 for a bare frame per journey within the UK. More for bigger.

John is gradually building up a network of services with cycle repair places but you can go direct if you can sort out courier / packaging. Do take care with packing to avoid drop damage, especially to forks (need spacers), chainrings and derailleurs. John doesn't need the bike to be stripped down - that's just your choice for transport.

Job done within a day.

Easy as that!