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Mr G. (Alloy seatpost, Carbon frame)

posted Mar 24, 2015, 4:13 PM by John and Yvonne   [ updated Mar 24, 2015, 4:20 PM ]
Just wanted to submit a quick 'review' to this page. You know how you sometimes read review after review for a service and they all seem to have been written by the service provider's mates because they simply can't all be that positive? Well, in the case of Jon The Seatpost Man I think they're all true. I took my carbon road bike with a jammed alloy seatpost to my local (high end) bike shop and they couldn't do anything with it. They were at such a loss that they recommended I try a yacht mast manufacturer because they're used to dealing with carbon. That's how desperate the situation was. And then I stumbled across Jon's website and...well, the rest is history: I sent him the bike - it came back the next day unjammed. Simple as that. He was so helpful, obliging and informative it's hard to believe that what he does for a living is witchcraft but that seems to be the case - how else does he do it?? (He could also get away with charging megabucks but he doesn't.) I have no hesitation in recommending Jon's service - he rescued my bike from being an expensive but very useless shed ornament and now I can ride it again. Very pleased. Don't hesitate - if you have a jammed post just send it to him.

( I personally love this review however I would never condone the use of witchcraft to remove your seatpost :)  The Seatpost Man))