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Mr D. (Alloy seatpost,Steel frame)

posted Nov 20, 2015, 7:23 AM by John and Yvonne

When stripping my beloved Moulton down for a repaint when it needed the rear triangle replaced,, I was horrified to find that the seatpost was seized. None of the usual remedies worked including twisting, heating, freezing, cursing, and so for the first time close to 25 years, I had to resort to handing something over to a bicycle repair man.


After a couple of months & a couple of gallons of penetrating lube even they admitted defeat. So once again I was left with a stuck frame. Another month and a bin full of hacksaw blades, saw me contemplating writing the frame off. 


Somehow my desperate google-fu finally fished up the website of John The Seatpost Man. A couple of emails followed and John seemed confident he could succeed.


The rub is that he did remove it. I have no idea how, presumably black magic or other dark arts, but he saved another valuable and loved frame. The seat tube inner now looks factory fresh. 


Had I found John's service sooner I would have saved months of wasted effort and heartache.


If your post becomes stuck, just go straight to John, I cannot recommend his service strongly enough.


On the bright side, the missus thought the Moulton was a write off so let me buy a new one and I now have two   :)