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Mr B. (Alloy seatpost, bonded (Alan) carbon/alloy frame)

posted Sep 4, 2015, 3:56 PM by John and Yvonne
" I don't normally leave reviews but this is such a great service I feel I should. My frame had its aluminium  seatpost well and truly stuck. It is any early aluminium lugged carbon frame and so I guessed it was badly corroded in. I know what I am like, when I start a job I like to finish it, but the horror stories I read on line convinced me otherwise, so I contacted the Seatpost Man. Unbelievable helpful and friendly chap. I took my frame to him and he assured me the process he uses doesn't put strain on the frame. John text me to let me know it was ready for picking  up - I had to shake John's hand as he had somehow removed the seatpost with no frame damage at all - He even marked up how far the seatpost should go in based on how the frame had been manufactured. Highly recommended service, thanks again."